1. What is “The Green Heights:?

The Green Heights is the Millennium Housing Developers PLC’s latest apartment project.

2. Has the project being approved by CMA?

Yes. All the necessary approvals have been obtained.

3. Why is it called “The Green Heights”?

Because the project is designed to promote eco-friendly life style in urban cities. The Green Heights is equipped with rainwater harvesting system and  roof top solar electric generating system to power up  common areas. This will greatly reduce the electricity and water consumption. Further The Green Heights architecture is  designed to maximize the natural light receive from sun, depending less on artificial lights.

4. Where is “The Green Heights”Located at?

# 504 Rajagiriya Road, Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka

5. What is the over all concept of the project “The Green Heights”?

To experience a higher way of life

6. What are the other Heights projects done by MHD PLC?

Heights at Nawala and Heights at Edmonton

7. How many Rooms can a single person own?

There is no limit to the amount.

8. How does this Project address the traffic situation in Rajagiriya?

The Green Heights is situated at the outer skirts of the Colombo city. Also UDA project to build fly over is under construction greatly reducing the traffic problem in Rajagiriya area.

9. Is the location ideal?

The location is ideal in several perspectives. investment vise the land price will keep rising with the Kotte city development project. Second as it is located at the outer skirts of Colombo city buyers can enjoy the benefits of being in Colombo city for a rather lower investment. For other facilities located near by please refer to the map.

10. What are the special features of the Apartment?

The Green Heights offers 8 Unique flow plans.

  1. A –> 3BD
  2. B –> 3BD
  3. C –> 3BD
  4. D –>2BD
  5. E –> 3BD
  6. F –> 3BD
  7. G–> 2BD
  8. H–> 3BD