Green Heights

The Green Heights

The Green Heights at 504 Rajagiriya is located at the highest point in the Colombo district and is the latest apartment complex introduced by MC Universal Limited, a fully owned subsidiary of Millennium Housing Developers PLC. Our firms’ commitment to maintaining the highest standards in design, construction and service at all levels assures you the comfort, aesthetics, reliability and peace of mind.

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Only the best quality international brands have been handpicked for all the accessories, fittings and appliances.


The Green Heights is located at a residential vantage point, minutes away from Colombo as well as the highway to the South Western parts of the island. For everyday life as well as your weekend away. Enjoy the picturesque views, starry nights and our 360-degree view that lets you enjoy the glorious sight of the hills and mountains as well as the city! You will be surrounded by well-stocked supermarkets, schools, hospitals, banks, shopping complexes and also the Katunayake expressway for your flight out.




The Green Heights offers 88 exclusive units, assured to give you a greater sense of privacy, rising high in the quiet neighborhoods of the high grounds in Rajagiriya.


The Green Heights is deeply committed to saving the environment. You have a greater advantage with integrated, environment-friendly systems that ensure a higher level of energy and cost savings. It is equipped with a Solar PV Net Metering System for the common areas of the apartment complex, while it’s rainwater harvesting system ensures cost-effective supplies for the common areas.

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